Whenever you need to get something moving…
Wherever it needs to go…
Icarus is your trusted logistics specialist

Icarus is a expert when it comes to time-critical transportation. Our knowledge and resources, combined with our extended network of trusted suppliers, ensure a professional, dependable service that delivers your cargo anywhere – and on time, every time.
We’ve worked tirelessly to meet every transport request, and earn customers’ trust every step of the way. By rising to the challenges others may shy away from.
Whatever the type of cargo, wherever you need it to be, and whenever it has to be there – Icarus ensures it arrives quickly and safely.

Icarus provides a solution – within 15 minutes

Icarus have never failed to meet a transport challenge – we’ll work around the clock to find a solution to even the most complex requirement.
Many say it, but few can genuinely promise it: whatever you need, Icarus won’t let you down.